Got a green pool?

Caring for a pool isn't easy, we get it - sometimes it gets away from you. That's why we make it easy to get back on track.

Our Green-to-Clean process takes anywhere from 3-5 days and will reliably turn your pool from a swamp back into an oasis of clean and clear water.

Green-to-Cleans are priced by the day, with a three day minimum. A standard 3-day G2C starts at $375+tax, depending on pool size, with an additional $125 per day after that. Most situations can be cleaned up in that initial three day period.

Pools with a quad cartridge filter or a single cartridge filter must have the filters replaced, and DE filters must be inspected and cleaned ($125+tax).

If your pool isnt completely green yet, you may benefit from our Mini G2C, which is a similar 2-day process for pools that aren't as far gone.

New Plaster?

Congratulations on your new pool!

Using expert chemistry as well as in-depth knowledge of the chemical reaction occurring within new plaster, we are a first choice for protecting your finish through that crucial first week. We are certified by the National Plasterers Council (NPC) to perform new plaster startups using the 4-day startup method.

How it works:

We like to begin the startup process on a Monday or Tuesday so we can keep the four days consecutive. We use careful chemistry to balance the water and accelerate the reaction within the plaster while also brushing every inch of the pool to remove the plaster dust and prevent discoloration.

To avoid damaging the plaster we will not use any vacuums or cleaners with wheels, and we recommend none are used during the first 28 days. Customers are required to brush the pool once a day in the evenings during this first week, and then twice daily for the rest of the first month to ensure everything cures evenly.

Cyanuric Acid


Cyanuric acid (CYA), also called stabilizer or conditioner, is a necessity in the Texas sun. However, if there's too much, it can be a real issue. When CYA levels get too high, it can begin very slowly etching the surface of your plaster as well as any copper in your equipment, such as inside your heater.

Another problem you may be running into is chlorine lock; once the CYA levels get high it begins to bind up the chlorine and prevent it from sanitizing effectively.

Our solution? An all natural blend of enzymes that can break down the CYA. Our cyanuric acid removal service is a 2-day process for application followed by a couple weeks of reacting. On the first day we will very carfully balance to pool to a very specific chemistry range, and on the second day we will add the solution. Over the next two weeks the CYA will gradually decrease by 100-200ppm.

Severely over-stabilized pools may require two treatments a month apart.