Weekly Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning
Test and Treat
All of our Pool Pros are CPO Certified and experts in chemistry. We monitor:
➼ Calcium Hardness
➼ Total Chlorine
➼ Free Chlorine
➼ pH
➼ Total Alkalinity
➼ Carbonate Alkalinity
➼ Cyanuric Acid

As well as:
➼ Phosphate levels
➼ Metals
➼ Total Dissolved Solids
and more!
How does it work?
After testing and balancing the water, your cleaner will begin service by brushing the flat surfaces, waterline and walls. We then vacuum out the debris, empty all baskets, net the surface, and check over the equipment.

You will receive a report every week with our chemical readings, additions, as well as before and after pictures
Preventative maintenance
We keep track of our customer's filter cleaning schedule and send reminders when a cleaning is due.

Got a salt cell? Every quarter we will reach out with a friendly reminder and get you scheduled for an acid wash.

Broken pressure gauge? Leaky filter? We've got you covered!
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What can you expect?


Frontline Pool and Spa is the leader in providing the highest quality products and craftsmanship in an honest, efficient, and professional manner. Our pledge is to create successful relationships with our customers, employees and community by building trust, treating every project with the utmost integrity and exceeding expectations.


We strive to stay competitive within the market while still offering top-notch service with only the highest quality chemicals. Buying your own chemicals is expensive, and so is buying the wrong chemicals! Let us take care of you so you only get what you need.


After years of operating in New Braunfels we have a strong support system in place to handle anything that comes our way. From expert chemists to licensed repair technicians, we know pools from the ground up and are a first choice for weekly pool cleaning or repairs. You can rest easy knowing you wont be left hanging.

Ask us about Green-to-Cleans!

Hot Tubs?

We do those too!

pool cleaning